Yama Tribe Launches with Customizable Yoga Mats and More

Ten years ago, yoga and mindfulness were a niche hobby that most people didn’t get involved in. Fast forward to 2020; articles about how to incorporate mindfulness practice into your life (and why you should) are being featured in major magazines, and unique yoga mats are in high demand. In our ever changing and high stress world, its a long overdue and necessary shift. Yama Tribe is responding to it with their recent launch.

Yama Tribe Launches Custom Yoga Mat Designer Powered By MyStyle Platform

Yama Tribe is a newly launched yoga brand that has taken their retail model to the next level, with 100% customizable yoga mats and yoga accessories. Yoga is a deeply personal part of many peoples’ lives, which is why MyStyle is a great match for these types of products. MyStyle helps customers create completely customized mats, apparel, water bottles and more, to reflect their own individuality. It allows them the creative freedom to upload their own images or use MyStyle preloaded graphics and pictures to design.


Yama Tribe

Making Yoga More Personal

MyStyle is designed to help companies create a custom experience for each of their customers. With yoga trending, that’s more important for a brand like Yama Tribe than ever. Customers value knowing their products will be one of a kind in any space, and that is becoming difficult with yoga classes getting more and more popular. Yama Tribe is also a personal project of the founders, created from a love for the practice and over ten years experience. MyStyle brings the personal touch of their mission to the fingertips of their customers and design software.

MyStyle is a Catalyst for Individuality

MyStyle makes designing unique, personal products, made of quality materials, easier than ever. Customers get to experience the same level of product they would find at any other competing site while still buying something that is uniquely theirs. MyStyle is one of the best tools a site can use to further and benefit from the growing popularity of custom products.

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