Design and Development Packages

Launch Personalization

DIY or Let the Experts Do the Work.

Whether it’s a new website, a redesign or an integration, we’ve got you covered.

Full New Website Packages

Turn-key complete solutions ready for business
Starting at $19/mo

Website Packages

Professional websites enabled with MyStyle personalization, CMS, Ecommerce, SEO, Hosting (Optional), and much more.
Start something new or replace an outdated site with a conversion machine.

Existing Website Redesigns

Personalization, optimization, and a face lift.
Starting at $1999

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Integrate MyStyle personalization with your current website. Redesign the site for a modern, professional look that will improve sales.

Custom Website Integration

Custom Integration Project? The sky is the limit.
From $99 to $99k

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Integrate MyStyle personalization with your current website. Keep everything else as is, or change it up. Custom features? If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Custom Development Projects

Need a special integration or website feature built that we don’t yet offer?
Contact us and let us know about your project and we’ll get you a quote.

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Don’t need our help? If you already developed an awesome WordPress/WooCommerce website, just sign up for a MyStyle account, purchase a Developer License, and get started with our plugins!


Need a Full Starter Website On a Tight Budget?

Do you need everything: hosting, full website, ecommerce, theme, etc?
  • Are you transferring OFF of Shopify or Wix, etc?
  • Are you starting from scratch with a limited budget?
  • Need a cheap package that will get you most of the way there, leaving the Personalization aspect for MyStyle?
  • Do you want to get it done fast, well, and cost-effective, before working with us?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is your answer! Our little cost saving partner company, and our secret for all full-website starter packages. This is Highly recommended as a starting point to save you money and get you up and running fast with a whole new site. They will install, host, and create your initial site starting at $19/mo (not kidding!):

RI Website Packages

Product Personalization and Customization Solutions