Get Started: How to Setup Your First WordPress / WooCommerce Website for Personalization with MyStyle

Please note:  IF you are on a Managed license, we will do all of this for you already.

Before Getting Started:


  • A Working WordPress / WooCommerce Website.

    This guide assumes you already have a WordPress / WooCommerce website up and running.  If you have one already, please proceed with Steps 1-4.  If you do not, see our partner Rocket Ivy for options to get one quickly and easily.    

  • Knowledge of how to install and manage wordpress plugins and WooCommerce products.

    If you’re not sure about this, go with our Standard or Managed license options for our team to help you out.

Do You Need a Whole Website Package?

If you do not have a WP/WC website yet, and you are looking for a cheap but professional site, we highly recommend our team at our sister company, Rocket Ivy, and it will be done very well and very quickly.  This option is cheaper than Shopify.   (This is not required if you already have your own website set up)

Purchase a Full Website here:

1) Get a MyStyle License

First off, you will need to have an active MyStyle license for the level of service and support you need.

If you will need some help getting started, go with Standard, and if you want us to do it all for you, go with Managed.  If you are a developer yourself, just go with Developer license.   

We manually make and moderate our licensees so you will receive your credentials usually within 0-2 business days.

Purchase a MyStyle License here:

2) Install MyStyle on Your WP/WC Website

Once you have your license, install the MyStyle Custom Product Designer plugin on any WordPress/WooCommerce website and set it up with your API Key and Secret that you received.

Install MyStyle Plugin from WordPress Marketplace:

The plugin is available from the wordpress marketplace, just search  MyStyle Custom Product Designer in your WordPress > Add Plugin screen in your admin.  Once installed, go to MyStyle > Settings and enter your API Key and Secret.

3) Setup & Test a Customizable Product in WooCommerce

Setup a product and look for the MyStyle tab in the product data window.   Enable a product for customization and set it’s template ID.

a) Enable customization for the product by checking the box next to “Make Customizable?” (see screenshot)

b) For template ID, first try our demo MyStyle template ID#  1  first for testing purposes (blank square template).  You can also try MyStyle template ID# 70 for the demo pillow template. 

c) Now save / publish / update your product and test it.

All Set Up?  Test It:  View the product on the front end, and press “Customize” where the “Add to Cart” button would have been.  Design something, send it to cart, and see it works OK.

4) On-Boarding Your Specific Production-Ready Templates 


New Custom Product Templates Just for Your Specs

You will most likely need to purchase our custom print template onboarding services from us to set each template up for you on our API permanently.

Once it’s setup, you have it forever and can use it’s template ID endlessly to create unlimited designs with your WooCommerce products that use your custom templates.    This can also include our team making and integrating special graphical overlay(s) or template shapes on your web sized templates to make it look more representative of your product.

In all cases, we will work with you or your print partner to meet your needs here, since almost every company is slightly different.  We’ll need to know what products you have, who prints them, how many different print sizes / products that use the same template, and how you want to work out the print specs.  We will develop and install templates that meet your needs and match your specs in our system so that you can go from Web to Print with ease.

Add to WooCommerce
When you receive your own unique template IDs from our team, repeat step 3 to implement each one using your new ID instead of a demo ID.  If you are on a Managed plan, our team will do this for you. 

Note: one custom template service is included free with Standard licenses, and two are included with Managed Licenses.

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