MyStyle Personalization Plugin for WordPress + Woo Commerce


The MyStyle Custom Product Designer Plugin for WordPress / Woo Commerce enables any WordPress + Woo Commerce website to offer industry-leading personalization design tools and live product preview to it’s users who want to Customize with their own graphics or the hosted library of graphics and text.

Seamlessly integrate your store with the world class MyStyle Customizer in only a few minutes. With MyStyle’s San Diego based experts by your side, your site can offer Personalization and Customization in a whole new way, bringing your store and it’s custom products to the next level.

Getting Started

1) Download & Install the MyStyle Plugin

First, download our plugin from the WordPress Marketplace. Upload it to your wp-content/plugins/ directory like any normal plugin. Go to your Plugin section in your WordPress Admin, find MyStyle, and click “Activate”.

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2) Get and Enter Your API Key and Secret

Get your API Key and Secret and enter it in the MyStyle plugin’s settings (in your WP Admin under MyStyle) to activate your MyStyle Customizer. If you do not have an active license, you can purchase one here on our website from your dashboard when you sign up or log in. Once your account is created and your license is active, your MyStyle Customizer will work. Paid monthly licenses include hosting and usage of the app, the images it uses, the images it creates, and especially the high print files for every design. We use Amazon EC2 and S3 infrastructure to ensure reliable and scalable cloud hosting that will handle all of the heavy lifting without adding any load or storage to your own website.

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3) Set Up Custom Products

Setting up custom products in WooCommerce with MyStyle is easy. Create or edit a normal WooCommerce product, and scroll down to the Product Data section where you have the normal tabs for things like “General” and “Inventory”, and click the MyStyle tab. Here you can check the box to “Enable Customization”, and enter a MyStyle Template ID for the product you want to customize and press Update to save your changes. Now, instead of “Add to Cart” the button on this product will be “Customize” and will open the Customizer, and add the user’s custom product to cart when they’re finished.

How to Set Up a Custom Product in WooCommerce »

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Adding More Custom Products

To add more products, you can either chose from our catalog of supported products, or if you have your own manufacturing, you can have us on-board new ones for you. You can purchase product on-boarding here in our marketplace and simply send us the image assets to integrate. Typical turnaround for this process is 48 hours and the one-time fee is $50 per product. Once this is complete the product will be supported with the templates provided and you can link your Woo Commerce product to the new templates with the 1 simple ID number (as always). The product(s) you on-board with us can either be kept private or made public for other websites to sell for you upon request, whichever you prefer.

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Your Order’s Print Files

Your print files for your orders will show up right in your normal order history in Woo Commerce. Simply click the MyStyle button on any order to expand and reveal the links to the Thumbnail, Web Size, and Print Size images for each custom product in the order.

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