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The MyStyle Customizer – Overview

All of our solutions and licenses include the MyStyle Customizer to provide world-class design tools for your customers to use right on your website! This allows your customers to design from scratch or customize existing designs piece by piece, while representing professionalism, building trust, and making it easier than ever to design a photo-realistic preview of any products with custom colors, text, monograms, uploaded images, hosted images, backgrounds, effects and more.

World-Class, Feature-Rich, Industry-Leading Personalization

Our MyStyle Customizer is the very best visual customization and personalization app. Based on years of product development and experience with online customization technology our customizer is as good as it gets. Using data driven feature sets, user studies, industry innovation, and a conversion & metric focused mindset has allowed us to create the premier visual app for designing custom products. We let users create text, images, gradients, layouts, fonts, and more on any of our platform products. From cell phone cases to skateboards to canvas prints the MyStyle Customizer is the app that lets users make what they want when they want.

Why the MyStyle Customizer?

The MyStyle Customizer users create their own personalized designs online with ease, and purchase those products. Customized and personalized products give your customers an attachment to their creation that can be a cornerstone ecommerce revenue stream – it’s not rocket science, people love designing their own stuff. But the user experience of creating your own design is make-or-break. Bad customizer apps make customization and personalization difficult, limited, confusing, or too much of a cheap gimmick. Good customizer apps improve engagement, and make it surprisingly easy and fun to design personalization that is appropriate for the product and special to the end user.


The MyStyle Customizer is top of it’s class, optimized and built around not just current best practices, but new innovations previous apps have left out and a logic and simplicity to the user experience that other apps have never reached. MyStyle makes personalization fun, powerful, easy, and looks and feels professional while doing it. It isn’t just another feature: the MyStyle Customizer is built specifically to unlock customization and personalization as a profitable revenue stream. With a technology like this you can enjoy better sales and fuel more growth for your site for years to come.

Custom UI, UX, and White Labels

We’re able to provide branded solutions, white label solutions, product-specific interfaces, alternate UI/UX flows, and a robust set of proven user facing features to choose from. In short you can customize the MyStyle Customizer for whatever your personalization business needs are.


What Does the MyStyle Customizer Do?

The MyStyle Customizer is the visual interface for users that allows them to create their designs, and prepares high-res images ready for print. The MyStyle Customizer interacts with the MyStyle API, runs within MyStyle Websites, and is an essential part of a customization strategy. Once the design is made, the Customizer produces a perfectly sized print file and stores it in at your exact print specs (150dpi – 300dpi most commonly). You or your fulfillment staff or partner can then retrieve order print images from our included cloud image hosting straight to print from their own login to the online admin panel. If you want to make, sell, promote, or share custom true Web-to-Print products or photo gifts, this is your customizer.

Priceless Technology That’s Cost Effective

The cost of developing a customizer in-house or with a contracting agency is prohibitively expensive and a daunting technical challenge. The value of happy customers that LOVE their personalized products and show them off to everyone they know is priceless. To build a robust software in house requires a specialization in understanding the complexity of printing, print rendering, and the manufacturing and fulfillment while having a strong focus in scalable consumer apps. The basic problem is that most companies that need a customizer are are not software development companies. They can’t support the required engineering staff or simply lack the experience in delivering a consumer customization application that has a profitable conversion ratio for customization and personalization ecommerce. The MyStyle Customizer is specifically built so you don’t have to be a software company and you can focus on what you do best. Using the MyStyle Customizer takes the question marks out of customization. The MyStyle Platform solution has a one time setup fee and ongoing license pricing that can fit businesses of any size. Depending on the amount of custom development work your instance of the platform requires, pricing may vary. Contact Us and explain your business and vision for customization and personalization, and we’ll get you a quote.

Built with Manufacturers & Printers in Mind

If you are a manufacturer or printer then we made the MyStyle Customizer specifically for you. There is no other company offering a proven, converting visual design tool that you can use as a service. And we have worked out a brand new way of making your products available for customization with our MyStyle Customizer so we are able to onboard any photo gift product you can make and ship. This is simply not available as a service from any other website or platform which is why we made it. You don’t need to be a web company or hire engineers, developers, or contractors to build you an elaborate app you can just use our MyStyle Customizer instead.

Corporations, Businesses, Brands, and Organizations

Customization and personalization only get larger and this is the platform and customizer app that let you capitalize on that. The MyStyle Customizer has been run in storefront, as part of internal corporate programs, used for designing bulk orders, placed in to B2B portals, and even run as kiosk and display at tradeshows and conferences as part of major products and innovative brand launches.

Web Developers

Go ahead, take a look at the MyStyle Customizer. You’re a web developer, you know what it takes to create something like that, and it isn’t easy. Don’t reinvent the wheel just use ours. We took the time to make the features, look at the data, iterate, develop, and come up with a customizer app that converts. This isn’t the end of your job once you’ve integrated: after that you’ll more and better content from your users for those killer features you’ve been wanting to build. Check out our developers section to learn more.

Mobile Developers

We love you too! Our mobile web MyStyle Customizer automatically detects mobile and tablet users and runs the HTML5 version instead, which is compatible with all modern phones and tablets including the most important: iPhones, iPads, an Android devices. The mobile and tablet ready version is simplified for using your finger in the UI to add colors, text, and your own images.

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