Refund Policy

Licenses & Subscriptions

There are no refunds for licenses, subscriptions, and service related fees or charges. The only exception is if you cancel before we’ve created your account. Once your account is created, your subscription fees are pre-paid either one-month or one-year at a time and are not refundable.

Marketplace Products & Plugins

Fees for downloads allow you to download the product. Once you’ve been granted access to your download, there are no refunds for these purchases.

Marketplace Services

If you cancel right away, before we’ve gotten started, then you can get a refund as long as you contact us for the refund for a service product if it’s still before the service has been started. But, marketplace add-on service products that are not downloadable, such as new product template onboarding, or content writing, etc, are only refundable up until we’ve done the work involved. Once the service has , for example if we’ve already started writing content, or creating your graphics, or whatever the service may be, and time has been spent, then the services are non-refundable for the time spent.

Partial Refunds Minimum: $200

If it is a charge over $200, for a service-product that is partially complete, then partial-refunds may be possible on a case-by-case basis for the total minus the cost of the portion of time already spent on the service. This also applies to package products where web development is partially complete.

Personalization and Customization Platform