MyStyle Screenshots

Here’s a few screenshots to give you an idea of what it’s like to use our app(s) on  a typical WordPress / WooCommerce website:

Front End

Most of the MyStyle value is seen on the front-end in the user experience, designing their creations.

HTML5 Customizer:

Here’s a canvas print product with a bleed (red dashed line) for the wrap-around.   Step 2 is selected here showing the images menu.  The clouds are from Step 1’s included stock backgrounds library.  This app auto-generates on page /customize/ of your wordpress site.  It auto-installs to this page, you don’t have to create it.  It will load the template associated with the product after the user clicks the “customize” button on the product page, where the “add to cart” button would normally be.

Land in the Cart

By default, any design saved will land in the shopping cart, and the user will be redirected to cart to checkout.  The image of their design is shown as a thumbnail in the cart, to confirm their creation made it through OK.

mystyle custom products in cart ready for checkout

WordPress / WooCommerce + MyStyle Back End

You can access print file render links through the wordpress admin in the same place you would normally find your woocommerce orders.  There’s an extra column with a  link to show the MyStyle info including a preview image and link to the render.

mystyle design info in woocommerce order

MyStyle Design Manager

Use the Design Manager add-on (free) to see a list of all the custom designs, and get quick links to their pages, or print renderings.

Starter Templates: Specify a Design Template

If you want a product to load with a design every time, as a starter template, you can put the design ID into the advanced product settings in the MyStyle product settings tab.  Here’s an example of product template ID 1 being set for a product, and design ID 439134 being set as the permanent design that will always load for this product as the starting point in the customizer, instead of starting from scratch.


Print File Renderer

Once an order comes in and you need to render a print file, do it in real time with the most updated print spec template automatically.

Download the print file in JPG or SVG formats, and compare to the user’s original design for Q/A.  You can even make any edits right in the Renderer to save time:

mystyle renderer print file creation


Note: Dark theme shown here, the Light Theme loads by default.  This can be set from the […] menu in the top right corner.  Light theme shown here:


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