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Professional Website Packages to Get You Up and Running with Best Practices.

A lot goes into a pro site these days.  Luckily, it’s been made easier and more affordable than ever by our partners, Rocket Ivy and WordPress.  Get a powerful website up and running quickly, easily, and be able to edit it yourself.

Power of the Cloud

MyStyle uses a powerful cloud architecture for our apps and user designs, so that your website itself can stay light as possible for hosting requirements on your end, making it easy to scale.


Easy to Edit

Our sites are built with the best tools in the world that ensure your pages are easy to edit yourself.  You shouldn’t have to call a web developer to change a sentence or an image, ever again!


Secure + SSL Included

All sites have https:// secure connections for encrypted checkout and accepting payments online and customer privacy.  Your SSL Certificate is included for free forever.


SEO Tools Included

All MyStyle sites have industry leading SEO tools included, the same ones we’ve used to gain our #1 spots on Google for many of our niche sites!

Best Value Recommendation:

R.I. Website Packages

We highly recommend Rocket Ivy as they will set up exactly what we need perfectly with a pro website and everything required to build out the rest of your solution.  They include hosting, management system, theme, SSL, setup, optimizers, all included. 

 It’s a $1,000+ value starting at only $19/mo with $99 setup fee!

This is both cheaper and better than Shopify, and we’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Rocket Ivy, so we know you will too.

We have partnered with Rocket Ivy, or RI for short, for exactly wha almost every business needs.  A full website starter package that is affordable but high quality and perform well. 

We work closely with RI on many projects.  They have a senior level  San Diego based team, too, and the best value for website packages that we’ve ever seen, so they can get you up and running with a low budget. 

If needed, after the base level site, they can also help tweak and tune your site over time to help it reach it’s maximum potential with SEO and all that good stuff.


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Our #1 Recommended Base Website Package Solution

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Working with RI is a BREEZE and a pleasure compared to other developers and agencies who over-complicate and over charge.  RI website packages are fast, organized, professional, and affordable every time.  You will be pleasantly surprised with both the prices and the results.  Any of their packages will work for a new site.

What is A Base Website Package?

Your base website package covers hosting, website, theme, and tools to manage and edit your site.

Hosting, SSL (for Secure Connections), Ecommerce, Payment Processing, SEO, Theme, Page Builder, Caching, Optimizers, Minifiers, a lot goes into setting up a professional, modern website that sets your business up for success.  

Get Your Hosting and Site Setup and Made Right the First Time
Building out the base level website for your business and online store is the first step and a requirement for getting your business running with MyStyle personalization online.   It’s important, for natural growth, to get it right.

WP Base Site
Your base website will need to be built first so we can then develop your specific MyStyle solution on top of that.  If you’re live on a non-WP system already, and need a migration or a custom integration, please contact us.

Get a GREAT Deal.
Naturally, like most business owners, 
you will want to get up and running the right way for the least cost:

Everyone’s #1 Question:

What’s Cheap AND Good?
Pretty much everyone’s first question:  Is there a base level website solution that is both cheap and good, with hosting and website and everything needed (and no hassles)?   

Yes, there is.  We recommend our partner, Rocket Ivy:

*Examples above all built on sites made by the team at Rocket Ivy.   

 Need a Great Website Like These for a Great Price?
Look no further.  All Rocket Ivy Websites are MyStyle Ready!

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