Renderer 3.23.2 Adds Render-to-Cloud with Share URL for Faster On-Demand Order-to-Print Workflows

For common print workflows where the printer is not the order processor, the new feature in the MyStyle Renderer version 3.23.2 is perfect for you.  Recently released, this new feature can really help speed things up for anyone with an order-processing and web-to-print workflow that requires sharing the print file with another person, team , or partner company: Render-to-Cloud!

Streamlining Common Web-to-Print Order Processing Workflows

A lot of MyStyle enabled clients and online stores have very similar fulfillment processes, that is, they always involve rendering a print file for production to make and send out the order(s) once the order is placed, to begin the on-demand production and fulfillment process.   Often, the person processing the order is not the same as the person creating the print.  In that case, the workflow would involved emailing or uploading the file to a dropbox, or an FTP, or something like that.  Well, no more!  Print files that are sent to someone at a production house or print department to do the print and/or dropship can now be sent without having to download or manually upload it to get a shareable URL or attachment.  Instead, you can now just send the print direct to the MyStyle platform cloud storage, included at no extra charge with all licenses!


The render-to-cloud option is found in the print image toolbar right next to the normal print file download buttons.

It depends how large your image is, but it typically takes a few seconds on a broadband connection.  Wait a couple seconds then…

Get Public Download Link to Share

Once the print image render reaches the cloud, a checkmark will show in place of the spinner, and a shareable public URL will be provided in the same window.  The green button will copy the URL for quick sharing.

Instant Download Link
The URL when, visited or clicked, will automatically download the print file to eliminate the Right-Click and Save-As type of steps for the production team receiving the URL.

This Is an Optional Feature for Sending to Out-of-House Production Teams

In-House Production Teams may not need this feature if doing rendering and printing in house. So, if you render and print your own images in the same place, you might not need this, as you can still  download and print the images just as you always have.

A Couple Steps Less is Always More!

For anyone else sharing print file links regularly, though, this might be a great time to say goodbye to your premium dropbox accounts, save a little money if current online storage methods are not necessary anymore.   Speed things up by eliminating a few steps!

Happy Rendering!