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    Viviana QViviana Quinci

    I need to understand all the variants of your Mystyle customizer.
    I ask only 3 things before buy license because they are very important for my project.
    I tried with product configurator with a t-shirt because I need a configurator for fashion.
    In this t-shirt it’s impossibile color all the t-shirt or fill entirely the t-shirt with the patterns.
    In my projects I need to upload different clothing in 2D as the next link:
    1) I need to understand if it possible to fill completely with fabrics
    2 and if it is possible to use different fabrics for the same image so if the image can be in more levels (for example, if we take a shirt, can I make the sleeves in red silk but the collar in blue velvet?
    3) Is it possible change some images or texts of default as the circled numbers or the flags in the menù?

    what kind of license do you advice me?
    Best regards

    Sean PSean P

    Hi Viviana,

    We can build any product to do anything you want, and if you are going that route (custom developments) you will need our Standard License (minimum) or our Managed License if your development is highly complex with a lot of ongoing maintenance required.

    You are really describing a combination of Configuration and Personalization (design). For that, you will most likely need a custom product and a custom app developed. The default MyStyle app can do a limited set of configuration with swatches, but only up to about 6 options. For unlimited options, a custom UI would need to be developed, which we can provide a quote for as a custom development.

    1) Yes it is, the demo is just of a center cropped area. The graphics can cover the entire garment, or a small segment, we can build it to your specs.

    2) Yes, this is where configuration comes in, allowing the user to “choose” options that show visually in addition to allowing the user to “personalize” by adding their own content to the design or graphic.

    3) Yes the entire app can be skinned with custom graphics to match any look or brand guidelines. Those graphics can be provided to us by you, or we can develop new graphics to meet your needs. This would be a custom development as well, but simple UI changes can be purchased in our marketplace for $99/ea.

    Here’s where you can get a quote and talk to our sales team about your specific project needs:

    Need A Quote Or Demo?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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