Renderer 3.20.1 Update: Edit and Switch Out Text and Emojis Directly within the Renderer

MyStyle Renderer Empowering Change

MyStyle Platform’s new Renderer feature empowers clients to edit and fix their own print files.  In just a few simple clicks, you can now edit and change text, emojis, etc.

Gone are the days of escalating renders just to switch out and edit text within your design!  MyStyle Platform is happy to announce our newly released feature that lets you edit a design’s text directly within the renderer.  Simply click, edit as desired, and save your print file!

How to Edit Text and  Emoji’s the Renderer

  1. Open the renderer and scroll down to the section “PRINT IMAGE(S)”
  2. Right click on the text/emoji/”object” you wish to edit.
  3. From the pulldown options, select “edit object”

4.  The “Text Lines” edit box will open.  The text you selected and wish to edit will be in the text slot “Text line#1”


5.  Highlight the text within the “Text line#1” & edit as desired

6. Edit text and click “Apply” to apply changes.


How to Download JPG Print File from Renderer

  1.  Click “JPG” button to download JPG  print file