MyStyle Custom Product Designer (Main WordPress / WooCommerce Integration Plugin)



This is our main plugin that integrates with WordPress / WooCommerce to use the MyStyle Customizer with Ecommerce products.

The Customizer is hosted 100% by our Amazon AWS and S3 Cloud solution, scalable and reliable, runs in an iframe, and thus adds no load to your website to run it.

Note: Our Hosted Apps Are Licensed Monthly and Are Not Free
This plugin is free but please note that it only integrates our service, the Customizer app itself is a remote service and thus still requires a valid, active paid license to use it on your website. You can install and integrate the plugin for free, but you will need to pay for a MyStyle License to use it.

Once this is installed and activated, you can enable Customizable products in the Product Data section of any WooCommerce product. For more info, see our Developers page.