Edit Variations in Cart Woo Commerce – Standalone WordPress Plugin


This plugin allows for product variations to be changed by the user in the shopping cart with an “edit” button.


Please note this plugin has been originally tested with WooCommerce 2.x and more recently updated and tested with WooCommerce 6.3.x and WordPress 5.9

*This is an add-on that is stand alone and does not require MyStyle, but is compatible with the MyStyle Custom Product Designer plugin.

Please note that this plugin supports WooCommerce Variations which comes built in with WooCommerce, and is NOT the same as WooCommerce Product Add-ons or other third-party plugins which it does not support.

Latest Release Notes:

  • A couple bugs fixed which prevented the saving of changes in the cart in recent versions of WP/WC.
  • Updated the ‘WC tested up to’ variable to reflect that the plugin has been tested with up to WC 6.3.1
  • Updated the readme.txt to reflect that the plugin has been tested with up to WP 5.9


This plugin allows options of products to be edited in the Woo Commerce shopping cart. The options themselves can be variations created and managed in Woo Commerce as normal. There is a edit button allowing a user to change the options applied to the item in the cart, and save those changes. The cart then refreshed with the new options saved. This is great for up-sells or any products with options.

Screenshot of Edit Options Plugin: editing some options in cart


This plugin installs like any WordPress Plugin.  Unzip it, upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory on any website running the MyStyle Custom Product Designer plugin, and activate it thru your WP admin’s plugins list. It will then automatically start sending emails to users.