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Contract us for hourly design services for an affordable rate! We’re fast and efficient with our hourly design work and don’t bill for non-development hours like phone calls, emails, etc like other companies do! The design work can be applied to the general User Interface (UI) of your site, re-design of home page or general pages, placement or re-placement of new or existing text/images/illustrations, creation of icons for your site and much more. Minimum engagement is one (1) hour, use the “quantity” amount in the shopping cart to engage with us for multiple hours.

Not sure how many hours you need?

Talk to us. Write out what you need in bullet form and explain any details. We’ll give you an estimate of the amount of hours. The hourly service offering is for those little changes you always wanted to make and was never really sure how to get that done on a low budget. Or, maybe you introduced a new product and want to add that to the MyStyle platform with special features… Anything is possible, and rest assured, and we can get your site there one hour at at time as we have done hundreds of times before.

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