Designing a Custom Chevron Pattern with MyStyle (screen shot)

New Feature: Custom Patterns

A new feature for Custom Patterns has been released in the current version of the MyStyle Customizer (desktop only right now). With this new feature, the user is able to create very unique pattern based designs using premade pattern assets for patterns like Chevron, Polka Dots, Floral, and many more. These patterns add a whole new dimension to the aesthetics users can achieve very quickly thru our app, and includes some very popular current trends that match up with monograms or uploaded photos and other features in the app.

Designing a Custom Chevron Pattern with MyStyle (screen shot)

New Custom Patterns

With the controls shown above, found in the Backgrounds step of the MyStyle customizer, the user can now try different pattern designs very easily, and apply any color to the pattern. The current library includes pattern assets for Chevron, Polka Dot, Stripes, Optical Illusions, and much more. The patterns themselves have transparent negative space once loaded by the app, giving the user the ability to also choose solid colors and fades for the background to show through the pattern. This creates some very interesting design aesthetics, especially with interesting background gradients or images combined with the pattern assets. Our proprietary process allows the patterns to maintain excellent anti-aliasing for smooth curves and lines at just about any size or rotation.

Custom Libraries for Custom Patterns

The library of pattern assets available will grow over time, and exclusive pattern libraries per-site are also supported if clients want to provide their own collection of pattern assets just for their own site(s). To provide pattern assets to us, you simply need to provide black and white versions of your pattern around 3000px in size, and we can take it and integrate it from there either in our main library or as a private asset for your MyStyle enabled site.