Name Tag World Takes Website to Next Level with Personalization

Identity Systems Inc sought to expand on their already top position on Google search with a site that catered more directly to consumers with low volume orders as well as larger corporate orders.   By creating and enabling it with MyStyle, they did exactly that.

Online Customization for Custom Name Tags and Badges On-Demand

To accomplish this, they’ve implemented the MyStyle Customizer as the design tools to allow their visitors to upload their own logos to company badges and name tag designs, and then order individually or in bulk.

This allows any user to put a company logo, or event themed graphic onto the name tag permanently, while leaving space on the tag to be written on.

Custom Reusable Name Tags

Why throw  away Name Tags after an event?  With reusable name tags, you don’t have to.  Name Tag World offers a variety of reusable name tags, and not just for markers, either.  Check out their erasable chalk name tags for a new spin on an old concept.

Chalk name tags can actually be a perfect reusable name tag option for coffee shops, startups, or any business that wants to have a little bit of a different look from the standard marker-style name tags.

Custom Metal and Plastic Name Tags

In addition to chalk, Name Tag World has a whole bunch of plastic and metal name plates that can have a metallic finish that really looks nice.  These will last a really long time, too, as they won’t rip or fade in the way that paper name tags can, and they look more official.  These are great for staff members, security, uniforms, or anything where a more official look is needed.  The best part is, these too can be customized right on their website.

Batching A Set of Name Tags

“Do I have to make one for every person?” 

This is a common and logical next question.  Of course not!  Just design 1 name tag, add a logo or customize as you wish, add an example name in the design where you want the name to go, select the font as you want it, and just make the 1 name tag design.  Then, at checkout, you can add a spreadsheet to your order and they will batch-print your order, inserting each name first.

Design Your Own Name Tag with Your Logo

Need a branded name tag or badge for your business?  Try out Name Tag World and you can use MyStyle to make yours in minutes.

Create a Custom Name Tag