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    Whether you installed the plugin for the first time, just updated, or in general are having issues getting the plugin to work, make sure to try all of the steps listed below. If you still cannot resolve your issue, post in our support forum or reply to this post.

    1. Make sure you have the most updated version of the MyStyle plugin & WordPress/WooCommerce installed.

      NOTE: If you have add-ons, they will not show as needing an update in your WP Admin. Check our website marketplace for any add-on, and check it’s page for what the current version is and compare to your own to see if you’re out of date. If you are behind the current version and need to update, then download the newest add-on plugin again from our website, deactivate your current version and delete it from your WP admin plugins list, and then add the new add-on version (upload the zip file from our site) and Activate it in WP admin plugin list.

    2. Confirm you have a valid API Key and Secret added to the settings.
    3. Confirm you have checked the box to make your product customizable as well as entered a product template.
    4. Go to the plugin settings and “Fix Customize page” to regenerate this page if needed
    5. Deactivate the MyStyle plugin, then reactivate it.
    6. Deactivate all MyStyle Add-On plugins, then reactivate them.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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