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    Sean PSean P

    Hi Theresa

    Thanks for using MyStyle!

    1. Can a customer design their product from scratch?

    >> yes, that is the primary use case

    2. Will these custom made designs be in vector so I can just go in and print them?

    >> the MyStyle Print Renderer (printer icon in our header) will create their design as both:
    1) SVG (vector, can open with illustrator, web browser, etc / vector text and fills with raster images from user uploads) and
    2) JPG (raster / flattened / pixels only)

    3. Can I use 1 template for more than 1 product as long as it is the same size? For example if i have a 3×5 box or sheet of paper can i use the same template for different designs within the 3×5 size?
    >> Yes. Also, if you get orders on multiple products that have different sizes, then when you process the order in the renderer, you can change the print image size overall as pixels or as a DPI change to anything you want, and as long as it’s the same aspect ratio, it will not change the position of any of the design layout. But, if the aspect ratio is not the same, it will not fit right, but you’re welcome to try. If you don’t mind doing some manual editing, you could even change aspect ratios.

    4. If i have 4 different sizes of products do i need a template for each size? for example if i have a 2×4, 3×5, 4×6, 6×8 image can i use one template for all these sizes or do i need a template for each size?
    >> Looks like all separate aspect ratios, so I would say 4 x Tier 1, 1-sided templates, one for each size.

    5. Can I use that template to let the customer’s customize the products I have pre made, to add business or personal info, change the colors i have on the design etc.
    >> Yes, duplicate the blank product in WooCommerce, and set the “Design ID” to force the loading of one of your premade designs. When the customer presses “customize” that design will pre-load. Use the image from the design being saved as the product image to show the template as a product picture so people can clearly see the design they’re going to customize.

    6. Can we add our own graphics to this plugin for the customer to choose from? If so is there an additional cost or limit to how many we can add?
    >> No limit, but that is a custom development for us to set up, so yes there is a cost for custom libraries being added per-app. We can set it up in a couple hours of custom development time if you provide the image assets. You can purchase this service in our marketplace here: Marketplace

    Sean PSean P

    Brad also added questions for you, Theresa:

    Are those libraries customizable? Also, how do we handle different size banners?

    >> Custom graphics libraries can be purchased through our marketplace for a one time fee. You provide the images and we thumbnail them, index them in XML, and integrate them into your build custom.

    Do we need to set up a separate product for each size of banner so that we can associate a design template with the right aspect ratio?

    >> Different size banners are different product templates with different sizes in the specs for each, traditionally. > Separate product template for each banner yes. With some custom development budget we could integrate a “choose your own size” on the product page prior to entering customizer, to allow for custom sizes

    Finally, does MyStyle support vector graphics, or just raster? It looks like the designs and backgrounds may be inserted as raster.

    >> The custom hosted libraries of free graphics are raster, vector is too variable in different browsers its not consistent and JPG and PNG are widely used and almost always consistent. Thus you would have to provide high enough resolution images large enough for your product sizes. We will process them and make web and thumb sizes out of them for the web apps and use the originals on the backend for print (up to ~16,000px max dimension).

    I should note that all the text, colors, fills/gradients, are vector until rendered for print as JPG but will remain vector if you save out the SVG format instead of JPG (options are there for both in the print file renderer).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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