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    Evan EEvan Emerson

    I’m looking for an existing way to edit product addons on the cart page. Just came across your plugin and the note at the bottom: “Roadmap Note: This plugin does not currently support users being able to change their Add-On selections in the Cart with our Edit Options in Cart …”

    Have you guys been working on this? It seems I’m going to need this for an upcoming project and need to plan out if I’m going to develop this myself or if your plugin is a solid, production ready solution that will meet my needs.

    Thank you.

    Sean PSean P


    You are correct, the “edit options in the cart” plugin for WooCommerce only does Options.

    Our add-ons plugin lets you manage add-ons, which are like product options but can be applied for groupings of products via both tags and categories. This does not currently support integration with the edit-in-cart plugin, which is only for product options.

    With a custom development, we could in fact link these two plugins together with support for one another, and extend the “edit in cart” plugin to also allow add-ons.

    When you say Add-ons, do you mean this or could you just use traditional Product Options instead of “add-ons”, in which case you just need the first plugin and won’t need the 2nd?


    – Sean

    Evan EEvan Emerson

    Thanks for your reply. It looks like your Edit Options in Cart plugin works with variations. I think this is great, but I’m looking to edit Add-ons.

    This will give you a better idea of what I’ll be working on. http://pizza.jellyoot.com/

    Currently it uses the Yith Add-ons plugin, but this was only for proof of concept. I’ve looked briefly at extending the Woocommerce Add-ons version of the plugin, but if you can offer an alternative, I’d like to discuss further. Kira has my original email with more details.


    Sean PSean P

    Hi Evan,

    You will want to speak with Miguel for a custom development. The full project with q/a and everything is expected to be between 10 and 15 hours.

    You can get a free quote here:

    Need A Quote Or Demo?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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