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    Eugene LEugene

    The design is not showing up in the designs page and in the order so you can’t see what the customer just ordered.

    Sean PSean P

    Hi Eugene

    Thank You for the bug report. We’ve filed a ticket for this bug with the dev team.

    One workaround that has been found to fix most bugs resulting from a recent update is to do a manual update of the plugin again. Sometimes during plugin-update, if the plugin does not update properly, you can reinstall the plugin by:

    1) deactivate it
    2) delete / remove it
    3) Download the most recent plugin from the WP marketplace
    4) Upload the new plugin
    5) activate it again

    – that should fix the issue.

    Note that you should not have to deactivate or reinstall the Design Manager or other MyStyle add on plugins for this to work. Also, you should not lose any data (like people’s saved designs shown in the design manager) by deactivating, deleting and reactivating. This process does not delete any data from your database.


    – Sean

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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