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    Shane BShane

    This plugin as it stands is far more stable than others I’ve tried. However, from the preview images on the plugin purchase page, I was under the impression this would take me back to the product page with all data retained from the cart with a “Change” button that would ultimately remove the previous product in the cart and add the newly customized one.

    Since this works as well as it does with the product variations, I’m curious the most efficient way to modify this plugin to add in existing custom fields to also be edited through this process. My custom fields are currently populated via “Woocommerce Custom Fields” plugin.

    Here’s an example URL

    Sean PSean P

    Hi Shane,

    The easiest way to do a custom integration would be to use the custom redirect URL option in the settings, to send users through to a page that you control (your custom scripts). This way, once a user is done with their design, instead of being redirected to shopping cart, the user is redirected to any page you want, and then you can essentially take it from there.

    The redirect itself will also contain information as GET or POST data, such as the design ID the user created, and other useful information about the design like the image URL, etc. From there you could proceed in your own environment however you like!

    Good luck!

    Sean PSean P

    There is also an “EDIT” button under the design thumbnail. Some themes might hide this or make the text very small, you may need to use CSS to boost the size or look of that link. That link allows people to edit their design and replace the one in the cart automatically, rather than creating a second design and adding that to cart too, and having to then manually remove the first one.

    Also note we have an Add-On in our Marketplace for Changing Options in Cart. If you do go straight to cart, that is another way for users to edit the selections they made on the product page after the design app UX completes and they (by default) land in the cart. This add-on lets people change those options in dropdown menus in the cart and save their changes to update the cart totals etc when they save any changes.

    Sean PSean P

    As a follow up, a fix was shipped for this in July. Get the updated plugin from our marketplace if you are experiencing this issue and it should resolve it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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