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Case Monkey – Design Your Own Cell Phone Case

Case Monkey is one of our flagship MyStyle Platform properties, representing both the MyStyle Website and the MyStyle Customizer working together for a customization and personalization ecommerce solution. With a focus on designing your own cell phone or tablet case Case Monkey is a perfect example of a common use case for MyStyle technology. The custom cell phone case industry is dynamic, quickly shifting with new consumer products and phone accessories, and being able to respond to that is one of the hallmarks of success of Case Monkey. We’re able to onboard the latest devices from the largest manufacturers for customization through our platform quickly which allows us the site to target a changing set of devices.

Proven Solution

Case Monkey isn’t some new kid on the block, we’ve had the site up for quite some time now. While honing Case Monkey we learned where smart ad buys are, what type of CPC you should be targeting, how to promote your content, the best way to market your business using customization and personalization, and how to drive conversions. We can tell you what to expect from yearly traffic trends, what your growth patterns will look like, and base that on real data from our live sites.

Proving Grounds

Case Monkey is one of the places where we try some of our newest work first. We’re so confident in our new features and upgrades that we test them on our own sites before fully baking them in to the platform. Once we have proven numbers then we roll out the next great thing or the newest update to the full MyStyle Platform. We believe we should put out money where our mouth is and use our own products first to prove they’ll get the increase in visits and DAU, and especially conversion that our websites and our clients’ websites are looking for.

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