New Product Template Integration



This service includes integrating your product templates with the MyStyle Customizer. This will allow your customers to design directly on your product and will also allow our system to generate print files to the exact specs that you need. These templates will be made as realistic as possible.

How to Order

New or updated product templates integrated with MyStyle are charged on a per-side basis.


  • If you want 2 products with 1 side each, set quantity to 2.
  • If you want 10 products with 2 sides each, set quantity to 20.

About Product Tiers

Tier 1 – Basic Template (Flat 2D)

This is typically an outline of your product that outputs to your exact print spec.

Tier 2 – More Photo-Realistic 2D (Faux 3D)

This could include using a photograph or more realistic rendering of your product. Shading and lighting effects can be added. This can also include basic editing of your product assets if needed.

What is Faux 3D?
Faux 3D means “fake 3D”, referring to using a 2D image that cannot be spun around or moved around in real time, but nevertheless looks more photo-realistic than flat and thus appears to have a “3D” look as a real photo of an object would, rather than a flat or cartoony looking image.  Lighting, shading, and/or perspective are used to give a template a more realistic, 3D look, such as designing directly on a phone case rather than a flat phone shaped template.

Tier 3 – Complex, Photo-Realistic (Faux 3D or Real 3D)

This includes advanced photo realism, including advanced lighting and shading. This also includes product option integration with WooCommerce.

Real 3D Model Note:  Please note that 3D template implementations require the 3D model to be either provided or additional costs for 3D modeling will most likely be required to purchase or create the necessary 3D models. 

What is Real 3D?  With real 3D you can spin the product 360 degrees on any axis, move the product around live to view from any side, or zoom or pan around live, and those views can be controlled or restricted.  Environments as backgrounds can add awesome context, and your product can sit or float in an awesome interactive view.

Additional information

Development Complexity

Tier 1 – Basic 2D, Tier 2 – Photo-Real 2D, Tier 3 – Complex 2D+3D