Developer License

From: $9.99 / month




Developer License (Monthly).

Get a Developer License for $9.99/mo

The developer Alpha license is to use while your site is in development, Beta is for launched websites that are taking sales. It includes:

  • An active license key and secret for use with our plugins and services
  • Customizer for Website
  • Print File Renderer for Printing
  • Technical support available through the forum only
  • Up to 99 design sessions per month

If you need print files you will need a Developer > BETA, Standard, or Managed license. You can upgrade at any time.

You can choose from ALPHA for under $9/mo when you purchase yearly ($99/yr) for enough usage for development and testing to get launched and handle low traffic, or BETA which will allow more users for more live customer traffic and print file rendering. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. All licenses cover cloud hosting for uploaded images, saved designs, customized product preview images, fonts, free graphics, app usage, miscellaneous bandwidth, etc, as well as support from our team through the forum.

Our plugins currently support product personalization for:

    • WordPress / WooCommerce – use our plugin(s)!
    • OpenCart (contact us)
    • Magento (contact us)
    • Shopify (Contact Us – Custom Integration Required)

24 Hours for Credentials
We review each License subscription and set up each account by hand in our API so please allow us 1 business day (min 24 hours) before inquiring about your License Key and Secret.

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Developer License Level

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