How to Use Your Order Queue

The purpose of this document is to introduce you to your new ordering system, the MyStyle Order Queue. This queue will list all orders that are assigned for you to print and fill. If you are the website owner as well as the manufacturer, make sure to note that the only orders that are marked as “Processed” will show in this queue.

How to Use Your Order Queue

There are many helpful features in the order queue that will help you and your production team process, manage and track orders.

View Order Information

All orders are separated by date and order number. You’ll be able to scroll down and view all orders marked as “Processed” in OpenCart. Click the “+” sign on the left to expand the order information. You’ll see the customer’s name, shipping address, phone, and email. Below that you will see the order design thumbnail as well as any product option details. Each design has a unique MyStyle ID which is listed here as well.

Downloading the Print File

All MyStyle Platform websites include print ready .JPG or .PNG files. There are two ways to download this image from the order queue. First, you can click “Download Print Image” on the right side to download the file. Second, you can click the “[+]” underneath the thumbnail. You’ll need to right click and “Save as” to save the image.

Entering Tracking Information

When you are ready to enter tracking information, enter the tracking number and company in the fields for that specific order. Once they are entered and “Send User Email” is checked, click “Update Shipping”. You’ll need to refresh the page to see the change and you’ll see the thumbnail on the right side is outlined in green instead of red.

When tracking information is entered, the customer will receive a notification that their product has been shipped. That email will also contain the shipping tracking number and company.

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