How to Use Your MyStyle User Account

The purpose of this document is to explain the MyStyle user profile account features & tools, as well as instructions to manage designs and access level controls.

MyStyle User Profile Accounts

Each user that creates a design and enters an email address to save that design automatically has a user profile created with the website.  They will automatically receive an email with a link to their design as well as a link to access their profile.  In order to access their profile, they will need to follow the link to reset their password.  Once reset, the user can manage all existing designs they’ve created.

Account Features

MyStyle User Accounts have many built in features to enhance the website experience as well as organically build SEO.  Users are able to:

  • Title their designs
  • Tag their designs with relevant keywords
  •  Directly link to any design to add to cart, customize the existing design, or load their design on any other product
  • Change the access level

Admin Account Features

Admin Accounts have two main special features that differentiate them from a standard user account.  First, all admin accounts have full Access Level Controls to set any design to Public, Private, or Restricted.  Secondly, all admin accounts have a button “Print File” which will download the actual print file that will send to the manufacturer or printer.

Access Level Controls

There are three levels of access level controls – Public, Private, and Restricted.  Public means that all users will be able to see the design.  Private means only the user who created the design and admin accounts are able to see the design.  Restricted means no accounts except the admin account will be able to view the design.

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