How to Create and Manage Affiliate Accounts

Affiliate Account Management In OpenCart

The purpose of this document is to explain how to create affiliate accounts and links in your MyStyle Platform using OpenCart. When customers purchase on your website after clicking an affiliate link, the purchase will be tracked to that specific affiliate account.

How to Create a New Affiliate Account

1. Login and go to Sales –> Affiliates
2. Click “Insert”
3. Fill out the general information including name, email, phone, address, and password.
a. This information is not used anywhere else so you can enter anything in the password field.
4. Pick a unique tracking code. This will be the unique tracking code that is added to the end of any URL of your website to track the sale
a. Examples are “ad1” (which would stand for “ad words”)
5. Make sure status is set to enabled and click “Save” on the top right
6. On the list of affiliates page, select the affiliate and click “approve”

How to Create Tracking Links

You must set up an affiliate account before you can use the tracking links. Each link will be directly linked to each affiliate account.
1. Locate the link you would like to add the affiliate tracking code to
2. At the end of the link, add “?tracking=code”
a. For example, if your tracking code is “ab” and your link is, your tracking link will be:
3. Give the tracking links to your affiliates

How to Track Affiliate Orders

1. When you receive an email with a customer order, at the bottom it will say “affiliate ID” and a number. When you view the list of affiliates, you’ll see an ID number on the left.

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