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Here’s a selection of products you can use with your MyStyle Plugin or website. We have a large catalog of products already supported for you to use. If you have very specific print specs for your print files, or you need different a visual templates, please contact us with your exact specifications. If you are just trying out the platform for the first time, we recommend starting with some of the already-supported products like the sample list shown below.

Full Product Catalog

This list (right) is only a small sample of our full catalog, which at this time, is private to our active members. If you would like to see the full catalog of customizable products, please activate a MyStyle License subscription and your account manager can provide the catalog to you. If you purchase your own product templates, we do not share those in our catalog unless you have asked us to, and become a Fulfillment Partner.

How to Use These IDs

For Premium website packages, this setup is probably already done for you. If you are using a MyStyle Plugin for WordPress (WooCommerce) or the MyStyle Plugin for Open Cart, you’ll just need to go to a product in your ecommerce admin section of your website, and enter the right MyStyle Product Template ID for the template you want to enable for customization (in some cases, also tick the box to “make customizable” for customization) and you’re done! When you view your product online as a customer, you will see a “Customize” button instead of an “Add to Cart” button automatically for the user to customize their design and add it directly to their shopping cart.

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Category Product Name MyStyle Template ID
Electronic Cases iPhone 6 Snap On Case 818
Electronic Cases iPhone 6 Tough Case 819
Electronic Cases iPhone 5/5s Snap On Case 99
Electronic Cases iPhone 5/5s Tough Case 85
Electronic Cases Samsung Galaxy S4 Snap On Case 87
Electronic Cases Samsung Galaxy S4 Tough Case 93
Electronic Cases iPad 2, 3, 4 Snap On Case 102
Electronic Cases iPad Air Snap On Case 976
Apparel T-shirt 779
Home Throw Pillow 18×18 select 754
Home Throw Pillow 20×20 select 755
Home Throw Pillow 20×20 select 755
Home Throw Pillow 30×30 value 756
Home Picture Frame Portrait 836
Home Mug 838
Home Picture Frame Landscape 840
Travel Water Bottle 837

Need New Templates Made Just For You?

We do that, too!

Simple Product Templates If you need a new simple product template made, you can purchase product template creation services in our marketplace. Please note that this is only for SIMPLE products with 1 side.

Simple Multi-Side Product Templates If you have a multi-side product, you will need to purchase 1 product template per side. For example, if you have a 3-sided box (top, front, back), you would need to purchase the 3-pack of product template creation.

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Complex Products, Complex Shapes, Design + Configuration If your product is complex, meaning in addition to having sides that the user can design, if it also has options that can be toggled on and off, different base product images that switch based on configurations in addition to the design portion, you should get a quote from us for the product template development, as it will take much more development than a standard product.

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