MyStyle Custom Product Designer Plugin for Open Cart


The MyStyle Custom Product Designer is a plugin for Open Cart that allows you to enable products for customization and personalization that is designed by the customer right on your website! With this plugin, your Open Cart site allows your customers to be the designers, creating their own designs that automatically export a perfect print file for streamlined production.

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Apply for Your Developer Account.

Apply for a MyStyle Developer account and select Open Cart plugin. Once your account is created, we’ll send you the credentials and a copy of the plugin. If you need development assistance in installing the plugin or creating a website, see our pricing page for packages, or contact us for a quote.

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Adding More Products

To add more products, you can either chose from our catalog of supported products, or if you have your own manufacturing, you can have us on-board new ones for you for a small fee. You can purchase product on-boarding here in our marketplace and simply send us the image assets to integrate. Typical turnaround for this process is 48 hours and the one-time fee is $50 per product. Once this is complete the product will be supported with the templates provided and you can link your Open Cart product to the new templates with the 1 simple ID number (as always). The product(s) you on-board with us can either be kept private or made public for other websites to sell for you upon request, whichever you prefer.

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Your Order’s Print Files

Your print files for your orders will show up right in your normal order history in Open Cart. Simply click the MyStyle button on any order to expand and reveal the links to the Thumbnail, Web Size, and Print Size images for each custom product in the order.

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