New Site Content Writing




We will professionally write the content of your new site or replace the content of your existing site. The written content  will be focused on your product(s) and with the objective to start building traffic and  improve the ratings for a new or existing website for web search engines and increase listing order. We will write or re-write all the main pages of the MyStyle website to get it ready for launch or for a fresh set of content  with SEO optimized content inserted.

Your Homework:

You, our valued customer, will have to do some homework to make sure you get the best results out of our content writing efforts;

Before the engagement:

  • Provide us with brief descriptions of what sets your product(s) apart from your competition, how your product(s) is the best option for your buyer
  • Provide us with your logo and professional pictures or visual illustrations of your product(s ) suitable for wen publication. If needed, you can use our professional logo design service or our “Create Professional Product Images” service

During the engagement:

  • Review all web content in a timely manner, provide timely feedback during the review point and sign-off after the review point

What we do:


  • Write or re-write all content for up to five (5) pages
  • Review, re-write or write all product descriptions for up to ten (10) products
  • Review, re-write or develop all page snippets, review all page SEO titles
  • Write or re-write meta data for up to five (5) pages
  • Review all written content for SEO effectiveness
  • Review, re-write or develop focus keywords
  • Update home page slider with new pictures and/or illustrations
  • Place product pictures and illustrations throughout the site
  • Write one (1) blog article