Complete Premium Website



Our Premium Website package is what we use on our own WP brand sites. It’s optimized by us, includes all of our own on-site SEO strategies, all the plugins we use, and all the features we have to offer. This package is only available hosted by us, and requires a Managed License. This package includes:

  • Custom Design and Development
  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce Ecommerce
  • User Profiles with All Saved Designs
  • High-Performance Scalable Hosting (Amazon S3 Cloud Servers)
  • Cloud Storage (Amazon S3) + Cloudfront CDN
  • Automatic built-in SEO Optimizations
  • SEO Content Optimization Tools
  • Design Saving & Reloading
  • Designs as Pages
  • Homepage Hero with Up to 6 Slides Provided
  • Shipstation Integration (optional)
  • Yotpo Review System (optional)
  • Up to 30 Content Pages Pre-made (Unlimited pages can be added)
  • Google Analytics Integrated
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integrated
  • Advanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Custom Ad Tracking
  • Affiliate Tracking (Commissions for Inbound Referral Partners)
  • MyStyle Design Manager for WP
  • MyStyle Email Manager for WP
  • MyStyle Order Queue for WP
  • MyStyle Print Renderer Studio for WP
  • MyStyle Shipstation Integration for WP
  • Site Speed Optimizations

Taking Performance Above and Beyond

This package goes beyond the build out to really mold the site under the hood and on the front end, to custom tailor each client’s specific business strategy from the starting dev and thru to the longer term commitment to watch it’s performance and continue to develop on it using the actual live usage data and insights we get by analyzing the usage data. With this site we really bo beyond just implementing our full site SEO strategies to hand-craft SEO specific for your industry etc. We also test and adjust UX on the site to cater to trends we anticipate in your exact target demographics and also in response to what we may see in the analytics / stats about site usage and purchase behavior. Our talented in-house team is able to use a portion of the project budget to put more expertise in setting the site up and optimizing it over time to convert traffic into sales even better.