Partner Program

The MyStyle Partner Program is our highest level of service focused on things like site growth and conversion optimization in ways that bring our co-founders on board to hand-manage your website’s strategies and execution, and take over as your webmasters ongoing. Partner Programs always requires a transaction fee or commission of sales – this is what creates the both the proper incentive and payment model – we only make money if we generate sales in significant volume by the work we invest. It’s truly a program for partnering for success because without it, we don’t get paid for our work.

Success as a Service

At this level, we run your site like we run our sites. Optimized. Dedicated. Success-factor focused or not at all. On this level we treat your site like we treat our sites, we use the proven recipes and tactics we use on our sites that go far beyond personalization alone with marketing research, competitive analysis, ongoing SEO optimization, ad management, stats analysis and optimization, landing page management, and ongoing growth campaigns. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to double or triple your traffic, or why your product is not selling, or if you have a major project that has to be done right and you have no time to build or manage it yourself, or if you simply demand the highest level of service from some of the best talent in the game, the Partner Program may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Are the Results?

Some clients have experienced many-times overall growth from our Partner Program, as well as going from not-found-at-all to 1st for their target organic searches. Success is never a guarantee, of course, and there are many factors out of our control. We do guarantee, however, that we can do what we do better than just about anyone else on the planet, and we have successful case-studies to prove it.

Transaction Fee

The Partner Program is a true partnership in the relationship sense, as we invest and share in the profit of the program as a partner would, only without the confusions of equity or stock or anything like that like you would find commonly in B2B partnerships – that’s all overkill. With our program, we run the program with profit share from actual sales generated from our solutions as our ROI. This requires investment on our end in consulting and development with our top experts, work that goes above and beyond our normal platform technology products and services. Partner Programs always require a transaction-fee of online sales that ranges anywhere from 1% to 40% based on the size and scope of the program. This transaction fee does not apply to any phone or offline orders. If you are interested in our Partner Program, please contact us directly here.

Private Application Process

We have a very strict selective process for qualifying only very specific type of projects and websites for this level of service. If you are interested in a MyStyle Partner Program, please schedule a call with us to discuss your business and vision:
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