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Pre-Purchase Required
Please note: New product templates require the pre-purchase of new product template on-boarding. If you have purchased already, use your order ID here in this form. If you have not yet purchased new product templates, the first step is to purchase them here, then the second step is to use this form to supply your print specs and information.

Provide Specs/Info to New Receive Template ID
Fill out the form on this page, completing all applicable fields. Once you submit the completed form, our team will process your specs and get in touch for any additional assets needed by emailing the address provided in this form. Once your hand-crafted product template is completed, the new MyStyle Template ID will be sent to you by email (it will not be shared with the public unless otherwise stated) and you can use it on unlimited products in your e-commerce system, and you can create unlimited designs with it.

Graphics Contact Email

If you have a graphic designer on staff that handles your graphics and print specs regularly, and they would be the best direct contact to answer any additional questions or provide images assets in a certain format, then you can provide their email address and we’ll work directly with them to complete the new product setup as quickly as possible.

Product Image File Attachment

Provide a picture of the product you’re going to be customizing to help us best understand it. If you have a straight-on angle of a blank that we can use for the actual template image, great. If not, just provide the best picture of the product or print template image that you have in low resolution (max 2MB). We don’t need the actual print file in it’s full size at this time.

Turnaround Time

Typical turnaround time for hand crafting your new product templates is typically within 1 week from submitting this form, but may vary depending on complexity of the product, total number of products being submitted, the length of our current product request queue, and overall workload. We do NOT guarantee dates for product on-boarding, as timelines may shift with any revisions or updates that you may have once it’s live.


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