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Sean PSean P

Hi Chris,

I got a fast response from the dev team on the new ticket. He says there is a workaround for you. This is the response from our lead / Senior WP Dev:

Sorry, I didn’t address this before (multiple bugs were in the same ticket).

This behavior is somewhat expected as designed. For both the Categories field and the Tags field there is a special entry for “All Products”. This is a carryover from how the original WoOCommerce plugin did it.

The “All Products” option tells the plugin to apply the add-on to all products regardless of category. Or in the case of tags, to apply the add-on to all products regardless of tag. “All Products” is the default for both of these fields.

Most likely because the admin was using the original plugin first, they probably have global add-on entries that now are missing a value for the tags field – ie the special “All Products” setting that should be default if you use our plugin from day 1 instead of switching. Not having this setting to tell the system to apply to all products will break it, as it tries to apply to null or empty values. It expects a list of values or the “All Products” entry to work properly, and this seems to be another oversight of the original WooCommerce version.

The easiest solution would be to edit all of the global add-ons in the system and set the Tags field to “All Products”. If you are unable to do that, we could maybe alter the plugin to handle the blank/null field scenario, but it is complicated though if I remember correctly, this was set up this way to try to stay close to the WooCommerce plugin’s settings, because of how the built-in WordPress query system works.

Chris can you try this approach to fixing the “other” setting that has no value, and see if it works for you?

If not, we may need to do a custom development for you so that the plugin can handle this edge case of old WC plugin vs new MS plugin handling the null setting exceptions.

Let me know if that works for you or if we should quote out a custom dev project for a few more hours of development, testing, and deployment. Normally this type of stuff is covered in your MyStyle License where we cover all support costs, but in this case you’re only using the standalone plugin that doesn’t require a license. Unfortunately our year of support on this product does not include new developments for edge cases like this. I don’t think it will take too long to add in more logic to workaround this situation, but setting your add-ons up properly might be a lot faster, easier, cheaper etc than going that route just yet – so let me know!


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