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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your questions regarding MyStyle, I am happy to answer them for you. Please find your questions and my answers in-line below:

(Nathan wrote)

I have a few presale questions – thank you for your time…

#1) do you have a 100% html5 demo of the plugin in use? I would like to see it as this what i would use – not flash..

>> Yes, just try any website running MyStyle from a device like a phone or tablet.

#2) Do you have a demo with added text features… Stroke, outline, arching text and letter spacing?

>> Our flash version has glow (outline / stroke with high brightness / low size), and the monograms control letter spacing. These were originally developed for a monogram site’s needs before mobile was released. We are able to add these types of features for standard custom development rates.

#3) Once installed will i need to hire you to add new products and product customizer or is there a built in product creation UI?

>> If we already have generic templates you can use that fit your specs, you can use them with no additional charges for developing new products. Most likely, though, your specs are very specific and we’ll need to develop the template code to go from web -> print in often non-aspect-proportional ways to match print specs exactly. This type of stuff is too difficult for most users so we offer it as a service to ensure it’s done right. Given a product creation UI, you would simply not be able to achieve the things you can achieve with raw code and advanced settings made by pros. MyStyle is about looking great, so we generally want to do quality control on every template created, if possible. That all depends on the complexity and number of products, as well.

#4) what are the last three feature requests added to the product and when were these added?

>> We cannot actually tell you the private developments being released right now for various clients until after they are public, which is too bad, because we have some awesome stuff in development coming out very soon. We do have a major release coming up for HTML5 immediately that includes new multi-side product navigation for HTML5 and lots of UI updates and easier menus and such. That is already in Q/A and staging now. Previous to that we added more advanced alignment controls to HTML5 a few weeks ago, and for another project we’ve added Vector output support for SVG with laser engraving and laser cutting print mods a couple weeks ago. For various projects we’ve done custom UI modifications and custom steps and products that link into the parent ecommerce system product options, and we added some features that allow 3rd party plugins to modify woocommerce pricing with bulk discounts and such amidst configurations taking place in the design UX. We did a special 22-side simultaneous design with various settings end of last year, and the list goes on. If you like, you can check the changelog on the wordpress plugin to get exact dates for certain updates.

#5) Do you have any more info about this integrating with woocommerce – as far as pricing and adding to cart?

>> It’s integrated / automatic with the plugin, that’s what the plugin provides, the integration with the WooCommerce cart, the “customize” button instead of “add to cart”, the “customize” page, the thumbnails in the cart for checkout, the auto-emails for saving a design, and the saved designs themselves in your DB with API IDs with a much better structure than most WP plugins use.

#6) File output…Do i control file output and if so how does this designer handle large graphics like car wraps and what is required/recommended by you to ensure optimal results….

>> The output is JPG. PNG is possible for small images. Large format print images cannot safely be generated from web browsers because of memory limits. For something like that you would want to use a renderer for orders only, not for mockups, to save on space. Then, when an order comes thru, we can set up a custom SVG renderer to produce vector print files that can be pulled into vector software like Illustrator to be edited, or raster images replaced with better quality, or what have you. Until a sale is made or a print file is actually needed, though, large format print files are a waste of space and money and the web size provides a nice visual preview of the design that can be received as a lead, like on, for example. Since the price of a full wrap is already thousands of dollars, the additional processing time for the design is already lessened by the mockup image the customer provides, and otherwise it’s business as usual to create that high res image to the exact car model template at actual scale.

>> We’ve worked with 3M and various projects of theirs in the car wrap space, including Smart Car, in various R&D and prototype and trade show projects in this area, and are experts in this regard. Don’t forget also, that when someone pays $3k for a car wrap they designed online, they always expect a professional to touch their work up to professional standards. Nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for something they had to design themselves – they want to give it a shot, then have a professional make a good version of what they made. This has actually been reported to improve communication between client and wrap provided and cut down on revision emails and calls significantly, just as a mockup without a print file.

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