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Hi Nathan,

We do not have any free trials, right now, sorry. This is so that we can have our in house experts provide quality support for license holders. We did try a free trial, it didn’t work out well for us or the trial users, as we had a huge influx of installs and questions without any commitments and couldn’t keep up with the support requests for things that weren’t even related to MyStyle (ie WordPress issues, other plugins from other companies causing issues, etc). We decided a low fee is the best way for us currently to make sure we provide support to the customers who are serious and not just playing around. We have lots of live websites and demos you can use to see the app in action across a wide variety of product verticals, and you can test them on your phone or computer to see the different versions auto-load.

Most businesses need special tweaks and tunes and months of support to really take full advantage of our platform, so short trials don’t typically help reach those major milestones anyway, and can actually lead developers astray on their own simply because they don’t know what is possible beyond the basic plugin.

One thing to note, we have a major mobile / html5 customizer release coming up this week that is a major improvement on the UI and app as a whole.

Until you have a license, you’ll want to post in the Pre-Purchase Questions forum rather than the support forum, or get a quote directly from our sales team.

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