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Hi Melissa,

We used to have a feature that would prompt users when they put their images too large for the DPI that is considered good quality. We actually got rid of it. We’ve tested this feature and it hurts sales and confuses users, even though it is useful. Also, it’s variable because it depends how big they put their image in their design, not just if they uploaded a large enough image, and depends on the content in the image, the type of product, the material being printed on etc. It’s not a 1-size fits all rule for images having to be a certain size.

Not to mention, we see hundreds of sales across many websites every month where users use a very low quality image, it prints somewhat pixelated, and they still receive it and love it. I would say on those sites a return or customer service issue for resolution is lower than 1 in 250 orders, which is typically handled with a refund or a reprint at no additional cost. At that rate, it’s much more cost effective to deal with resolution on a customer service level because prompting about resolution can hurt sales by upwards 30%.

The customizer out of the box without any custom development does not have the DPI threshold feature enabled or configured for your specific products and requirements (every printer is different). If you would like this feature created and configured for your app, you will want to get a quote from our sales team on setting that up, since it’s no longer a recommended or default feature (it was years ago).

Most clients have the best success by handling resolution issues post-sale, so after someone orders, customer service would address any resolution issues for orders directly. This was worked well for sites with up to about 15 orders a day. With more volume, you may want to automate that process with custom developments.

If you need a custom development for a post-order resolution check utility, as I would not recommend prompting for it pre-purchase, our sales manager would be happy to chat with you and get a quote for a solution.

Conversely, the data for all of your designs are in your database and this could be done outside of our plugin on your own website, if you want to build your own resolution checking and approval system, you could hypothetically do so!

Here’s where you can get a quote for a custom development:

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