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Sean PSean P

Hi Bryce,

You have an outdated MyStyle Design Manager add on.

These add ons are not in the WordPress Marketplace, so they will not automatically prompt you for update in your plugins list. You have to manually delete your old plugin, and then upload / install the new version.

You have Design Manager 1.0.1, please get the current version from our site (should be version 1.1.0 or higher).

This will help fix some issues with Private designs that you may find in other pages of the site, like the design gallery. It also adds the ability to delete designs from inside the admin.

If you’ve already downloaded that plugin add on before, you can log in and then go to My Account to download it again:

My Account

If not, you can purchase it for free through our marketplace and that will give you a download link:

Design Manager for MyStyle WordPress Plugin


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