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Hi Mike,

We work with many industries, it really depends what you’re looking to do. You’ll want to reach out to our sales department with your exact requirements and we can provide either Template IDs for existing product templates, or we can quote you out for the ones that are not already supported.

In general, I will say that a focused website does better than a “everything custom” website, so raking in every product you can without a focus would not be recommended unless there is a marketing plan or existing on-target traffic source in place that makes sense for that sort of site.

You can buy new template creation services in our marketplace for any sizes we do not have available. The issue I can tell you right away with using our existing templates will most likely be your exact requirements for bleed size and edge wrap options. This varies with most canvas companies and is why past canvas sites have had to have us recreate new templates rather than use ours.

Yes we have what is called our MyStyle fulfillment network consisting of various printing partners that we work with. This can indeed cover fulfillment many products like canvas, phone cases, apparel, etc. If you are interested in us managing fulfillment thru out network, you will be required to have a Managed License.

If you need a quote on template onboarding that goes beyond what we have in our marketplace, please use our Free Quote form and Miguel will be happy to price you out:

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