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Mike SMike Sadeghi

Hi Sean
Yes I got the API key and I managed to actually make it work on my new WP site. Very interesting! I like to ask you which companies can I network with so for example if I am
adding the canvas print module to my site, the orders would go the manufacturing company and they would do the drop ship. I think I read something about that somewhere on your site.

Which industries do you guys support currently? Phone covers, canvas wraps, golf, ???
and are there existing companies in these industries that would be willing to do Drop-Shop so I can partner with them?

Last question. Right now I am paying $9.95/month for the Developer license to use your software. I have a canvas printing business where I like to do the fulfillment myself. I be needing template IDs for at least 20 different sizes of canvas frames (ex: 13″ x 19″ , 20″ x 30″ , 24″ x 36″, etc…). With my current membership how many Template IDs do I get and how much extra (if any) do I have to pay you to be able to offer other sizes to my site visitors? Please explain this part to me because I was lost reading your pricing info

mike sadeghi

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