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Hi Tia,

Yeah unfortunately since our Add-Ons (not the main plugin) are all hosted here in our marketplace and not in the marketplace, the automatic-update link in your plugin list will not show that an update is needed. Only our main plugin will show that it needs to be updated.

To see what plugins you’ve purchased or downloaded from our marketplace and see the version numbers that are current, go to “My Account” here on our site, and look under “Available Downloads” – there you will see every plugin or downloads you’ve gotten through our site, and there will be new versions automatically listed there as the download. You can compare those to the version numbers in your WP admin.

Please note that if a plugin cannot be auto-updated from the wordpress admin, you will need to deactivate the old one, delete it, then upload the new version, and activate it. This will not delete any of your Designs or data, it will only delete the old plugin files to allow you to upload new ones, otherwise wordpress would give you an error message that the files already exist.

For “Delete Designs” functionality, you will need Design Manager 1.1.0 or higher.

Download it here if you’ve already downloaded it before:

If you haven’t downloaded it before or don’t have access to your account, you can get it from the marketplace here:

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