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Allison, Since the custom flag is part of a product, flag mount with custom flag. I would like the customer to be able to pick from our pre-made designs or start from scratch. I put a bunch of designs on the designer page at the bottom bust when it used that design it left the original product. It then went into the cart as custom flag, and not with the flag mount. What I would like is on the designer have a dropdown with the pre-made designs to pick from. So when you make the product instead of putting in one design number you would put in several.

If your custom product has attributes for flag mount choices, it will show in the cart. If you premade designs on a product that has no attributes and is only the custom flag, it will show in the cart as just a custom flag. We currently don’t have the ability for a user to look at one product and choose from multiple designs to customize. It may be something we can add on, and if you’d like an estimate you can email with specifics. Images of what you would like would help as well. Thanks!

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