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Hi Tia,

There is no public design gallery included with the basic plugin, we build these custom traditionally.

The designs are marked and stored in the data so that if you want to build your own design gallery, or have us do it, the data is there for their preferences.

With the recent version, the plugin emails the user a link to the design profile page where their design is shown, and can be reloaded or added to cart. If their email link is shared, the private setting will also prevent private designs from being seen by anyone but the author logged in.

Our upcoming release is going to have more updates for security around private designs, as well as an index of all designs for search engines to crawl.

UPDATE: The plugin now comes with a public design gallery, pages for saved designs, and public/private controls by the design author that are respected in the gallery.

UPDATE: You can now delete designs with the Design Manager add on, which is free here on our site. Enjoy.

– Sean

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