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Sean PSean P

Hey Tim,

We don’t have a setting for that yet, but it could be done wit a couple lines of javascript / jquery, for example if you want to change the button label to “Personalize” when it says “Customize”, when the page loads:

var a2cButton$ = jQuery(‘form.cart button[type=”submit”]’);
if(a2cButton$.text().toLowerCase().indexOf(‘customize’) >= 0)

This is untested code but should work, give it a shot by adding it to the page template in the header or footer or anywhere that loads on all pages or all woocommerce pages. And, if you want something besides “Personalize” as the button label, just replace that word in the code with whatever you prefer.

That said, if you’d like to upgrade to a Managed License we can either add this code to your site for you or build the feature into the plugin as an optional setting to avoid needing to add any code using the included dev hours. You can always downgrade licenses at anytime, too.

Let us know either way!

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