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Sean PSean P

Hi Andrei,

The Hoicker article was incorrect. And, our pricing is not just for Support, though that is pretty important, it’s also for updates, usage of the app, storage of it’s assets and users’ designs, access to our print file renderer for high-res, editable production ready files, and all of our remotely hosted services and bandwidth.

Our WP Plugin is free, true, but it only facilitates the integration with WordPress, not the hosted app itself, or the remote services that MyStyle provides. Like many premium plugins, “Service-Ware” is the implementation of an app that utilizes remotely hosted services. In our case, we are storing and serving up the app remotely including all of the graphics, fonts, user’s saved designs, etc indefinitely, and unfortunately that does cost a small amount of money. This is good for the host site, since it means it doesn’t add any load to your website’s servers, and doesn’t take up hardly any space either. This allows the MyStyle solution to be scalable for any site, and we use Amazon AWS infrastructure to ensure that.

The cheapest license we currently offer is the Developer: Alpha License at less than $9/mo which is billed annually.

The reason our “Get a Quote” page has the budget option of “$0” is to make sure we can let people know that this won’t be an option to set expectations that this is plugin is for businesses, and is very affordable. That page is more commonly used by people who need a full website solution, thus the first budget level being “Under $1000” as most of our full website solutions will start above that mark, and budgets below that should DIY it with our Developer License and their own developers, rather than our Website development services, to make it as cheap as possible.

I should also note that since we hand-craft each product template for the app too, product templates have to be created in-house by our team and are typically $99/ea per side, but it can vary based on complexity. We also include your print requirements, like print size, DPI, bleed size, etc to make sure your print files can be generated for production as ready-to-print at your required resolution. You can use product template ID “1” for a blank square template to test with, or any of our Sample Product Template ID’s found here on our site.

There is one other option though, when it comes to templates, and that is to use the plugin “TM Extra Product Options” from a company called “Theme Complete”, and assign “height” and “width” product options to a single product and enable it for Cusotmization with MyStyle, with Template ID “1”. Then, you can use that product privately on the front end to enter any height and width in the options, and click “Customize” to dynamically generate Customizer links for various sized templates that you can copy out of the address bar to develop with. This is a workaround to create dynamic sized templates rather than purchasing our product template creation services. This will only show as a blank rectangle of the size created in the app, though, so it’s not great for products that need product photos in them, so for that I’d suggest using our templating services are here:

To have a canvas texture background, or shading or lighting effects, etc, we will need to set up each size template for you. This is is a one-time cost and the templates may be kept private for your own usage on your site only.


– Sean

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