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Sean PSean P

Hi Martin,

Can you supply a link to the page? I can check it out.

A few things to doublecheck:

* Make sure you have a valid product ID. Try product ID 1 if not.
* Make sure your product has a price set. In WooCommerce, this can sometimes prevent the add-to-cart button (or customize button in it’s place) to be disabled.
* Make sure if you have product options, they’re set. In WooCommerce products, if you use variations, the add-to-cart button (or customize button) can be disabled until variation options are chosen.
* Make sure there are no javascript errors in the console
* Try disabling additional plugins that may have a conflict, and test with just Woocommerce and MyStyle enabled.
* Lastly, make sure you have the most current version of our plugin.


– Sean

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