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Sean PSean P

Hi Philicia,

No problem, there’s most likely a discrepancy between the HTML5 customizer font list and the Flash app font list, and you’re used to seeing the latter when the customer is on the former. That said, we can provide links or font files for any fonts you might need (royalty free – Most all of the fonts are free online somewhere).


Also, if you enable Flash in your browser you can use the Flash version to reload and render a print file by sending it thru as a private design yourself, and retrieving the print file using the Design Manager. But, in this case it’s probably easier to just use the Vector Renderer and Illustrator to make any adjustments if needed.

For this particular customer I’ve gone ahead and used the MyStyle Renderer and also corrected what looks like might be a bug with line-breaks on HTML5 showing up in the SVG format and produced what should be pretty close to the original print file as vector for you to use, I’ll email this to you directly in a moment privately.


– Sean

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