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Sean PSean P

Hi Gordon,

We’re in development on some patches for the issue. This is a WC 3.X issue only. If it’s convenient any 2.X WC build should be able to function properly just for your dev purposes so you’re not held up waiting for our next release with this patch.

In fact, if you use a lot of plugins I would caution updating above WooCommerce 2.X because they have deprecated magic getters and other major hooks that lots of plugins besides ours use, and there has been a huge amount of WP plugin bugs with lots of plugins that are still catching up (also notice woocommerce has put out 7 bug fix revisions already since they released 3.0 not that long ago). They’re still patching things themselves and stabilizing their new major version update.

Note I’m only referring to WooCommerce 2.X, not WordPress, which should be fine at the current 4.X version.

I will update again when we have the patches for this WC 3.X issue.

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