How to Set Up a Custom Product With a Pre-Made Design

2. Once your product has been created, Create a design on the product. This design will serve as a template.

      -To create a design on the product select the product and then select the customize button.

3. Create the custom design.

       -Once you have made your custom design and it is saved, it will be added to your cart.

       -Once the item is in your cart a design ID will be displayed underneath your custom product.

4. Add the design ID to a product.

        – Once you have the design ID navigate to the products tab and select the product that you want to have this design ID as a template.

        – Once you have selected your product scroll down to the product data section and select the MyStyle tab.

– Click Advanced to display the advanced options

        – There you will see MyStyle design ID. Enter the ID and publish the product

Each time this product is displayed it will have the design created with this specific ID as the template.

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